• There’s a long-circulating viral photo going around claiming to be of an abandoned railroad in Lebanon, Missouri. The photo’s actually a photoshop of the picture above, and I don’t know the source but the photo may be of a location in Garmisch, Wisconsin.

    I think the original is prettier than the photoshop, and I am in favor of promoting accuracy in reblogging, so. Have the original, and if you know the source, please share. :)

  • tomhardydotorg:

    Luc Waring slots in with this puppy

    Another fantastic young artist -
    I’m loving

    Thanks to the beautiful Leila S. Responsible for the “Hype” fashion selective!

    ngl i kind of love how his confused expression takes all the potential lecherous perv out of this shot.

  • sydneyflapper:

    Myrtle Stedman on the cover of Motion Picture Magazine, August 1917

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  • nixxie-fic:

    2 x Brand new Mark Gatiss Edits for Gatiss Wednesday.

    I had to do a side-by-side because I couldn’t get over it.


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  • dangaba:

    It’s roses in the backyard season again… |
    #roses #backyard #parkslope #brooklyn #photooftheday #igers #picoftheday #instadaily #streetphotography #documentary #instagramnyc #nyc #newyorkcity #igersnyc