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    1. Cathy says i don’t use tumblr, but it’s not that i don’t use tumblr, it’s just that i so rarely have any single picture that feels worth passing on. the last 6 months of this tumblr is 90% inception memes and fanart, and i’m like, yeah, this is all i want from life. voiced by Phil Harris doing a horrid British accent. You know you know it, son.

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    #That awkward moment when your boss is going to meet your boyfriend and find out about your forbidden romance

    ^This tag wins the internet

    (not to mention that awkward moment later on when you find out your boyfriend showed up to the business meeting wearing flaming fuchsia socks)

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    starlit-dreams asked: Y → Yusuf

    If someone asked me to explain which character I think of first when someone says “science”, it would be this awesome human being.

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  • FUCK YES, EAMES/YUSUF. JUST LOOK AT THIS. I can’t take my eyes off it. *___*

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