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    Every single fantasy series eventually has a fan theory about how it was all REALLY just a hallucination by the main character, because they ACTUALLY in a mental hospital and just DREAMING their adventures because they’re totes crazy n’ stuff. Like, okay dude, thanks for the reminder that magic and monsters aren’t real, but your theory is neither unique nor interesting.


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    Here’s a picture from our first book, A Hero at the End of the World, written by Erin Claiborne (eleveninches) and illustrated by Jade Liebes (hydrae). The two guys in this photo are Ewan Mao and his former best friend Oliver Abrams.

    As a teenager, Ewan was prophesied to save Britain from an evil tyrant — but chickened out at the last moment. Instead, his best friend Oliver ended up defeating the villain. Five years later, Oliver is a national hero while Ewan works at a coffee shop and still lives with his parents. But the two friends are unwillingly reunited when a magical cult targets Ewan in a plot to end the world.

    A Hero at the End of the World is a hilarious and gripping combination of YA fantasy adventure, queer romance, and political satire. It will be published by Big Bang Press on November 11, and you can find out more on our website!

    fantasy adventure, queer romance, and political satire - this book is everything i’ve ever wanted in my YA fantasy loving heart

    y’all, professional me is not joking. this book is incredible. i could barely proof it because i was so busy laughing at the jokes. it is hilarious. it is fun. it has two non-white protagonists, two queer characters, giant chickens, jokes about teen wolf, cogent and hysterical political commentary, a running gag about coffee shop aus, and more. 

    it’ll be out in november to the general public, and you’ll be able to buy it!!! from us or amazon (if you must) or you can ask your indie bookstore to stock it. it is a real book that we really made, and i am super fucking proud not only of erin and jade, but also our entire publishing team and all the kickstarter backers who helped make this possible.

    also that is my thumb in the picture.

    reblogging to say that this book also contains an Inception fandom in-joke that I have been laughing about since last July

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    Let’s play a game of Guess Who Ain’t Here for Cobb’s Ish Right Now

    omg my gif *__* it lives *__*

    the best thing is that Arthur is eternally put-upon; this meme will never get old.

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