• wetfeathers:


    …Hearing the desperate call of a tiny creature in the water, we see a small reddish bird swimming frantically towards the boat. As we approach, the little head and open squeaking beak, pink body and wings become visible just under the water surface. This is a member of the enormous flock of bee-eaters we’ve come to visit, and it’s exhausted and close to drowning!

    The boatman pulls the boat closer and our friend Martin quickly and instinctively offers his open hand to the little creature, which clambers gratefully aboard. This is Martin’s first view of a carmine and he spends the next two hours watching protectively over his tiny charge while it dries out. Its feathers are completely saturated and all it can do is lie there with its eyes closed in the friendly stranger’s hand. …

    (via teaandworlddomination)

  • dudewonder:

    Please read! “I Love Her”

    the spade is making me think these two are Homestuck fans! “I bullied her bc I thought that’s how love worked at age 11” =totally kismesis, lol.