• What do you want in your OTW Merchandise Store?

    Hey, OTW fans! The Development & Membership committee of the org is working on a permanent OTW merchandise store!

    It’s our goal to give fans of the OTW and our projects (like AO3 and Fanlore) ways to show your love, give back to the org, and get swag!

    When it’s ready, the merch store will be available online for anyone to buy without needing to become an OTW member. So we need all of you to tell us what kinds of products you’d like to purchase! Would you wear a Fanlore t-shirt? Have you always wanted an AO3 kudos mug? What about an OTW umbrella or a poster with all our projects listed? The sky’s the limit!

    Please drop us a comment or reblog this post with your suggestions for stuff you want to see in the merch store on Tumblr or Twitter! Or, as always, drop us an email at devmem@transformativeworks.org.

    Thanks! And thanks for supporting the OTW!

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      Love the t-shirt idea. XD
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      Shirt/sticker/or button that says “You have already left kudos on this work”.
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      Oh there are some good suggestions over here. Go add, go add! I want one of each!
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      AO3/Kudos bumper stickers. What better way to ID others out in the ‘real’ world.
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      me We were actually just talking about this very concept tonight in our planning meeting! Keep the ideas coming! :D WE...
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      I know this is a little off-brand, but I would drop serious $$$ for a t-shirt which appears—to the uninitiated—to be...