• Tumblr, despite being a warm and fuzzy land of freedom and cat GIFs, is also a confusing wasteland where true information goes to die. 

    In a world where no one fact-checks anything, users are dead until proven alive, and trolls eat the gullible on a regular basis, how is anyone to know whether these two Greenland islands are actually kissing each other?


    1) Sign No. 1 that something’s not right: Your gut tells you it’s too good to be true.

    This is the most important clue, and it’s simply common sense: if something seems almost too good to be true, or conversely, too awful to be true, it nearly always isn’t.

    To put it plainly: this picture looks too good, too tailor-made for Internet meme fame, to be real.

    The corollary rule is also true. If something sounds too horrible to be true—specifically, too tailor-made to spark outrage in the reader—you are most likely being trolled. (See: Landover Baptist and The Onion, two parody websites that despite their well-known status as Internet trolls have been successfully sending various Internet users into fits of rage for years.) Does it sound too awful to believe that Miley Cyrus thinks being black is “just a vibe”? Then it probably actually is too awful to be real.


    *silently begs tumblr universe to read and learn from this article, because my dash is a dense dark jungle of misinformation*

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