• The queue limit. The queue can only hold 300 posts at one time.
  • The ask limit. You can only send 10 asks within a single hour, and only 5 of them can be anonymous.
  • 2) Keep Tumblr from truncating long text posts.

    Tumblr’s default behavior when reblogging long text posts is to reblog them as links instead. To make sure long posts get reblogged as text—or to truncate them if you only want to link to a shorter text post—go to the top right corner of the post and click the icon next to your settings. The drop-down menu will give you the option to change the format of the post. If you have a text post, clicking “Reblog as text” will retain the text of the post up until its original “read more” line.

    3) You don’t need to insert a blank .gif at the bottom of your photosets in order to show full-sized photos. There’s already a workaround for this. Just go to your settings, select the Dashboard, and click “show full-size photos.”

    4) Allow anyone to reply to any of your posts directly from the dash. For reasons no one can fathom, replying to people on Tumblr is a tricky thing. Sometimes you can’t reply until you’ve had someone friended longer than two weeks. Sometimes you can’t reply with photos. It’s a strange world. But one thing is certain: sticking a “?” in your post will cause the message, “Let people answer this” to appear. Check the box and profit.

    5) tumblr.com/photos lets you see a mosaic of photos on your dash. Try it and be amazed.

    6) Filter your dash by type by using “/show/[mediatype]”. Appending “/show/text” to tumblr.com will let you see only the text posts on your dash. This also works for photos, links, quotes, audio, chats, and videos.


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