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Aja Romano is a longtime writer of fanfiction, fandom reporter for the Daily Dot, and a "slash expert" for The Backlot's Shipping News. She was also the Submissions Editor for Big Bang Press. She is a member of the Development & Membership committee of the OTW (AO3's parent organization.)

Places you can find me:
  • Gmail: thesevenlines. Daily Dot email: aja at If I've messaged you on Tumblr, please email me!
  • The Daily Dot
  • @ajaromano (public); @mmmarthur (locked, Inception fandomy)
  • AO3: Aja; pinboard: bookshop; LJ: bookshop; DW: bookshop.
    Drop me a line anytime if you have fandom news or just to say hi!

    Note: if you want to tag me on posts, please use "aja romano" instead of "bookshop". That way I'll be sure to see your posts. Thank you!
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