• Styleblaster: Does Brooklyn’s hidden-camera fashion blog go too far?

    At what point do style blogs and on-the-street gawker sites go too far?  Brand new Williamsburg mockery site Styleblaster may just find out.

    Featuring a hidden camera set up on the most prominent street of New York’s most infamous hipster community, the site takes pictures of Brooklynites in real time as they walk down Bedford Ave. Then it uploads them and allows users to “click the top hat if they’re stylin’!”

    The site says its aim is to critique the notorious gentrification of the area—the invading artists and bikers have long clashed with the community’s traditional Jewish residents—and capture “Williamsburg on the hoof.”

    Unlike a typical streetstyle blog, Styleblaster documents all — the visiting fashion plates, the hipsters and have-nots, the native Polish and Italian proud who have for years called this neighborhood home. And above all—the dapper salarymen and businesswomen who stand to inherit the area.

    On-the-street fashion sites are used to raising eyebrows. Take People of Wal-Mart, which purports to mock the fashions of shoppers at America’s most popular retailer. The site has long been criticized not only for its invasions of privacy, but for being classist as well as sizist, since many of the people who wind up on its pages are working class people without recourse to major fashion outlets or typical department-store sizes.

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