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*sigh* … here is what I have to say to you:

I encourage you to think independently and critically.

Check sources and don’t just believe them because it is printed/posted/linked somewhere and take source of the source and motivation of writer, reader and paper into account.

Take into account that hate is most of the time voiced louder and harsher and faster than compliments. 

Keep in mind that papers/sites, etc are built upon drama and controversy. It gets them clicks and readers and exposure (even if it is just you linking to it in an ask to me). It’s what people who want to hate, want to see and read.

Remember that EVERYONE makes/has made sexist jokes/has sexist thoughts. E v e r y o n e! Even if we pull the emergency brake right after, those thoughts/that behaviour is learned and difficult to rid yourself of.

Know that similar expressions or thoughts can be found in every person, when observed and picked apart as detailed as it has happened here.

Be aware that in this case, one person was picked apart for anything and everything in order to further the cause of the writer of the article. 

Remember that things are often exaggerated in order to be heard and get an appropriate reaction. The art of writing and wording to make you believe is a powerful one.

Remember that blindly believing others without putting an ounce of critical thought into it yourself, makes you gullible, naive and the perfect prey for people and their questionable causes (and I am sure you don’t want to be /that/ person).

—> IF you should arrive at the same conclusion, after your own (as inclusive as possible) research (only(!) trust video - there is enough proof that articles written online by various outlets are always stuffed), critical thinking and involvement in the topic - then you can decide, for yourself, whether to believe/trust and follow exactly this approach or whether you’d like to remember that everyone is human and makes mistakes - some more closely observed than others.

Most of all: be grateful that you and the person who wrote the article have the incredible freedom of saying many things without the world listening. Be in awe that Steven Moffat does not have that privilege — yet, while knowing that millions are listening and many are criticising, he has not stopped speaking his mind and trying to give insight in his mind and work. Be. in. awe. 

and to finish:
honestly, if I had the time, I could
a) write the same article about me —> digging deep into sexist things I have said, wrong things I have said bc I was under pressure or nervous, things I have said that I never meant to be understood the way they were, fun things I have said that were understood by an insider community and misunderstood by outsiders and hate-willing people. I could carefully leave out anything good I have ever done or said. Properly motivated, I can do this for many many people and have just as a negative turnout as the article had. But none of it would be the whole truth and nobody should believe it.

and I could b) write the perfect mirrored article about Steven Moffat, showing what a great and normal person he actually is. A nice and friendly man. A funny guy who tries hard to carry two shows and all of our expectations.

… but as I said: there is more motivation in voicing your hate than love … that doesn’t mean though that the love isn’t there. It is. Always remember that.

btw the same concept applies to reblogging controversial support. i.e. you will find more likes than reblogs on this post, as people fear publicly supporting a man the internet loves to hate

True of any article, research, balance and critical thinking are so important.

Every point of this article links to its source, which is in every link a direct quote from Steven Moffat’s mouth.  So when the anon asks, “is this true,” the answer is, literally, yes, Steven Moffat literally said every one of those things, and he continues to say egregious things and has done so in the 9 months since that article was published.

"Be in awe that Steven Moffat does not have that privilege"—nope, just every other privilege in the universe afforded to straight white men, including the privilege of being taken more seriously than his critics, the privilege of being able to put forth his limited worldview in the form of racist, sexist, homophobic texts and still win gobs of Emmys for them, the privilege of being able to mock desire for meaningful representation of women on his shows without having to experience or live with the way that lack of representation really affects real women, and the privilege of having concerned fans take pains to defend his gross sexist bullshit when it’s compiled as a form of critical commentary.

And if you have really said as many nasty and sexist and conscientiously callous and close-minded things as Steven Moffat has said about the need to respect women and look beyond the straight/white/male default of his shows, then no, you shouldn’t be put in charge of an award-winning BBC legacy franchise either.

  • Supernatural is back with Demon Dean and antiquated technology

    (I was asleep when my SPN recap went live last night but in case you’re interested here you go!)

  • "Man, everybody’s slumping except for Dean, who is drinking and singing more bad karaoke. I hope the S10 dvd extras have a whole hour of bad karaoke. The blonde chick Dean shagged and then protected earlier is back to cuddle him when he wakes up. She tells him his tendency to beat goonies into a pulp clearly has nothing to do with protecting her and everything to do with his own issues. Dean counters by implying she’s disposable and he’d sleep with whatever came along, and she trots out this line:

    “Now see? I’m so screwed up myself I’m gonna walk out of here thinking I actually deserved that.”

    Gee, thanks for that, Supernatural. At this point we all stop and remember the “on a good day, you get to kill a whore” line and remember why we can never fully place our trust in this show. Still, this is more self-awareness and refusal to participate in Dean’s constant pity party than we’ve seen from a female character in a while, even if she is just here for an episode."
  • cascrieff:

    at this point I’m convinced that the only municipally approved movies in Night Vale are the ones in the Jaws franchise

    But let’s face it, only Jaws 3-D and Jaws: the Revenge

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    Geek Girl Con 2014!

    Come check out our rad panel this weekend:

    From Feels to Skills: Putting Fandom on Your Resume

    Time: Sunday, 10/12, 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM
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    About the panelists:

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    • Amanda Brennan is an internet librarian who specializes in researching the history of memes and other viral content throughout the web. She is currently on the Content & Community team at Tumblr where she explores and evaluates trends throughout the network.
    • Lauren Orsini is a technology journalist in Washington, DC. She writes about developer issues, tech education, and DIY hardware hacking for ReadWrite.
    • Loraine Sammy has participated online in multiple fandoms in comic books, gaming, music, movies, and television since 1997. As an artist she has worked professionally in the gaming industry and as a freelancer. As an activist she has co-founded the media representation organization
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    I was looking up the Diana Gabaldon fanfic rant for an article, and I noticed that the Compuserve forum link where she called us all white slavers is being blocked from Wayback; so, for posterity, here it is, courtesy of Google Cache.

    Fun times.

    Just gonna reblog this every year or so bc NEVAR FORGET

    Never mind that her series is Doctor Who fanfic, where she gave the hero the first name of a character on the series and the last name of the actor who played him. Kind of like if I named a suave super spy “James Dalton” and expected not to get called on it.

    Since Aja has deleted the original, I’m going to reblog this for posterity.

    just reblogging to note that I haven’t deleted the original! I temporarily renamed my journal while I was trying to decide what to do about a real life thing. The post itself was never gone, it just moved around a bit. 

    Hi, again, Tumblr. Also to make this relevant to the topic at hand, Diana Gabaldon just received a $9 million advance for the new book in the Outlander series so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • "17— the age of the first female fan who accused Alex Day of sexual coercion and manipulation at the time of the alleged incident

    3— the number of members of Day’s trock band Chameleon Circuit who have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior to date

    14— the total number of women to date who have come forward to allege that Alex Day sexually coerced or assaulted them

    5— the number of months Alex Day waited before he began posting comments on YouTube and Reddit arguing for his right to make a comeback."
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    i’ll take it from here.

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    This ship

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